Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Into the Wind

A bird went flying one spring day
A stiff march wind did blow
He flapped and flailed as birds will do
But forward couldn't go

So down he swooped into the grass
To rest a moment there
Then with a mighty thrust and thrash
He rose back to the air

But still the mighty head wind blew
And try as though he might
There wasn't nothin' he could do
To ambulate his flight

So to the ground again he sank
His drawing-board per say
And there he sat somewhat perplexed
He'd never failed this way

"God gave me wings that I might fly
And soar upon the breeze.
But that which once did lift me up
now drives me to my knees."

But as he stared down at the ground
An inspiration flashed
Up he rose on two good legs
And o'er that ground he dashed

Where there's a will there is a way
And like our little friend
We take on trials day by day
And fly into the wind

But if the wind becomes too strong
And to the ground you're knocked
Just keep on moving right along
If you can't fly just walk


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